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While most of the time we try to write the best code possible, every once in a while we take a break and recharge ourselves. This week we had the best reason to leave the crowded city – to grant magical wishes and enrich the lives of children from Ticu village.

Children’s wishes are so creative and inspiring that it`s impossible to keep up with them. This year, we worked together with World Vision Romania foundation in their “Letters to Santa” campaign. After the amazing experience from September, we were determined to become Santa`s helpers for the same children. They wrote letters to Santa Claus and, because they are such good kids, we did our best to fulfill their wishes.

Caroling with our little friends

Just like in many other villages from the countryside, in Ticu people are facing the lack of jobs, while their children need to understand that Santa will not visit them. Because of the shortcomings, for these children, the holidays go unnoticed most of the times. But not this year! This year, each member from AXON Soft team got involved and made this Christmas special for them.

With dozens of gifts, lots of clothes, toys, and sweets, we packed ourselves and went to Ticu. Happy and curious, the children were waiting for us with lots of smiles, songs, and carols. They let us in their little world and showed us what happiness is all about. Together, we laughed, sang and opened gifts.

Helping people less fortunate

For our team, this event was a great way to feel the Christmas spirit and we are thankful to our friends from World Vision Romania who helped us accomplish this activity. Unfortunately, in the countryside, there are thousands of children that need winter clothes and booths. Help them out and accept the #mergdescult challenge. Find out more about it here: https://worldvision.ro/mergdescult/.

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