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Hundreds of children around Cluj county don`t go to school due to the lack of school supplies. Their parents can`t afford to buy them what they need and for lots of them going to school is a big challenge. AXON Soft team tried to help some of them to overcome this challenge. We provided all the supplies they need so that their only focus to be on going to the kindergarten and enjoying their childhood.

Every once in a while we should watch the world around us, focus on the ones less fortunate and look after each other. At AXON Soft, we try to do this as often as possible. It`s our way to get involved and this time we did our best to help 17 children from a small kindergarten in the countryside. For a three years old child it`s hard enough to go by himself, every morning, at the kindergarten. Imagine having to walk for a couple kilometers – it becomes even harder, right? What about taking this road every day and arriving at kindergarten but not having the needed school supplies, or some fairy tale books? Or some toys to play with? This was the case with a small kindergarten that we visited.

Axon Soft Education is freedom. Let's help children be free

School supplies for a promising year

We believe that these children deserve the chance to start the new school year with all the supplies needed! So we gave each of them a bag pack filled with coloring books, crayons, bubble soaps, sweets and toys, and also a bag filled with drawing block, watercolors, brushes, colored coated paper, notebooks, markers and everything they need. Nevertheless, we also offered them all sort of educational games, puzzles, building blocks, novel books and so on.

When we`ve actually met with these children, we were extremely happy to see their joy and their optimistic look. They were so happy that they didn`t want to leave the kindergarten and promised to be there first thing Monday morning and every day. We spent some magical hours with them, singing, playing and remembering that from time to time, we all need to enjoy the moment.

We thank our friends from World Vision Romania who helped us accomplish this activity. Thanks to them, we`ve met an incredible community with beautiful children that became our friends! We are looking forward to seeing them again.







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