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At AXON Soft, some of our most valued clients come from the banking industry. We have over 20 years of experience in working for the banking industry and know what were the challenges in the past, the overcomes this field is facing in the present and the risks that they`ll have to respond in the future.

We pride ourselves in partnering with some of the largest banks in Romania and redesigning some of the most important applications they use. We are always interested in finding and offering the latest and best solutions for banks, payment processors, card issuers and eCommerce merchants. We believe that AI solutions for payment fraud prevention and detection, AML, behaviour monitoring and event risk scoring are crucial for any of our clients.

For this purpose, we are happy to announce a new strategic partnership with Features Analytics, a company that offers complete solutions for transaction scoring and Payment Fraud Detection, behaviour monitoring and also surveillance solutions to detect Market Abuse and violations of the Code of Conduct in Foreign eXchange, Equities and Fixed Income Markets.

State of the art machine learning-based solutions

Features Analytics is specialised in Streamlined Machine Learning® for payment fraud prevention and detection and event risk scoring. Together with our partner, we bring to the Romanian market eyeDES®, a product that operates on-premise or cloud, and the scoring/surveillance can be done in real-time or in batch.

eyeDES® represents a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology, platform, and solutions that quickly and easily bring the critical facts and the right answers. The technology leverages two different modules that can be used separately or together. The Machine Learning component comprises both supervised and unsupervised learning, and the Anomaly Detection Engine can identify the outliers in the data. This way, eyeDES® is reducing false positives, minimising the risk of penalties and instantly evolving with the market dynamics.

AXON Soft, the official partner of Features Analytics in Romania, will implement and support eyeDES®, and develop integration modules for best results. This way, we guarantee that these solutions are tailored to client needs and that incoming transactions are treated with a high degree of accuracy.

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