Software development

Software development

Speed up digital transformation

Custom software development helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by increasing productivity, efficiency, flexibility, security, scalability, and much more.

By choosing custom software development, the company will understand how it works to get a technological solution that improves its processes in a unique way that solves all present and future requirements.

Custom software development forces you to imagine the digital tool which is like a glove for your business, and let professional innovators transform it into reality.

We can get involved in creating the digital tools of the future by:

  • End-to-end custom Application development
  • Proof of concept development
  • Outsourcing resources for custom software made in-house

We successfully master the development and implementation of the following types of solutions:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial and risk analysis
  • Human Resources management
  • Commercial management and production management
  • Logistics management
  • Custom IT projects

Project lifecycle

AXON Soft uses a standardized, clearly defined software development methodology, remaining flexible in meeting clients’ requirements.

To determine customer needs, we work closely with our clients to discuss the project goals. We start by discussing the application functionalities, the restrictions, and all the requirements. Then, we define the technologies, the development approach, and the applications’ development environment.

During the Software Development and Alpha Release phase, our clients can follow the evolution of the development process. Detecting flaws in the early stages of the project can help you reduce costs by avoiding further extra development. The result is an Alpha Release of the product, which the customer can evaluate.

During the QA phase, the code is reviewed and authenticated for consistency and functionality. The QA team detects any digression from the quality procedures and establishes if the product works properly. Errors and bugs are found and fixed to ensure compliance with the requirements.

A Beta version is released to the client only after the system has successfully passed detailed tests performed by the QA department. During this stage, we collect feedback from the client and perform final testing and debugging.

Release and deployment is the final phase of the development process. The application is installed, configured, and launched. We also transfer proper knowledge, conduct comprehensive training to the customer’s staff, and develop final technical documentation on the delivered application, if requested.

The ongoing maintenance and support ensure the proper run of the solution. We also provide this type of service, together with real-time monitoring that detects any issues that might appear.

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