We believe in innovation

We believe in innovation

We are here to transform the
future of your business.

We are here to transform the future of your business.


We are passionate about our work, and we won’t stop. We will continue to believe in innovation, opportunities, and performance. The technology progress is faster than ever, and the opportunities are immense in every industry. We are here to transform the future of any business and to constantly generate new value for our customers.

What we master


We design software applications with real involvement and interest in understanding the challenges of various businesses.


We got what is takes, when it comes to application integration: high-skilled engineers and high standards for execution.


We assure strategic change through technology, software engineering solutions and empower decision-making.

How we work

Our team of professionals ensure the success of designing and driving digital transformation for hundreds of custom projects. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and offer them a comprehensive suite of products. Together, we bring improved efficiency and effectiveness to their businesses.

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Vertical Markets


  • Transport regulation compliance
  • Streamline loading and unloading operations
  • Optimized route plans management
  • Entire transport process overview in the distribution network
  • Real-time tracking and hazard management
  • Dashboards for decision-makers to assess the transport activity based on specific KPIs

Banks & Finance

  • Financial analysis, scoring, and risk assessment applications
  • Fee engine for various payment channels
  • Customers notification engine
  • Security issues for international payment platforms
  • API development in the context of changing the core banking system


  • Managing a wide range of plans and procedures that relate to company personnel
  • Activities and workload management
  • Optimized HR planning, taking into consideration projected workloads, skills, and various legal and structural constraints
  • Collaborative tools for the planning


  • ERP for manufacturing companies
  • Dashboards for tracking and analyzing the production process
  • Mobile application for manufacturing unit sales
  • Optimized sale cycle applications, from purchase to billing
  • Financial management of assets
  • Life cycle management of industrial machinery


  • ERP for cattle raising and cattle trading domains
  • Management of livestock identification centers
  • Integrated management software for livestock traders and exporters
  • Mobile applications that cover the entire trading activity on the field
  • Integrated management solutions for oenological laboratories

Real Estate

  • Integrated ERP
    (Enterprise resource planning)
    for real estate agencies
  • Rental management applications
  • Condominium property
  • Seasonal rental property
    management system
  • Customers notification


Our technology stack gives us the tools to make sure that the products meet customer needs. We are mastering the core technologies that enable digital transformation, and we are here to help you choose the best tools for your project.

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