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For the second year in a row, we`ve decided to enhance our winter with an authentic Christmas experience and helped Santa bring gifts to our kindergarten friends from Ticu village. It was our fourth visit to these children and, if possible, we were even more excited and more passionate about our actions.

At AXON Soft we`ve created an environment where people can think big, have fun, and excel. This is why we take things very seriously, especially when children share their hopes and dreams with us. Just like in business, in our social project, we like to live up to our reputation of excellence, because these children were counting on us to fulfill their wishes.

Together with their teacher, 15 little children from Ticu kindergarten wrote letters to Santa, and we felt grateful for having the chance to be Christmas elves. Each of our colleagues had the ambition to find every little item from their letters, and some of us were lucky enough to take part in their celebration and deliver the amazing gifts prepared.

Children bring happiness to our lives

We were lucky enough to be raised in families that offered unconditionally love and support, but the reality from the rural area is not just milk and honey. The lack of jobs and money from Ticu village makes it impossible for parents to encourage their children and to buy them gifts for Christmas. That`s why we wanted to continue our tradition, to make sure that Santa will visit them, and make Christmas special for them.

We were overjoyed that we had the chance to fulfill these wonderful children’s wishes and to empower them to pursue their dreams.

#mergdescult challenge

Every kid from Ticu kindergarten received a pair of winter boots from the AXON Soft team. But the reality is that tens of thousands of children go to school, every year, with improper shoes. World Vision Romania is trying to change this ugly reality and to make sure that they receive proper and warm boots. You can get involved by sending an SMS at 8849 with the text GHETE. Find out more about their campaign here.

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