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We had a busy spring here, at AXON Soft. We met thousands of passionate students, eager to learn more about the labor market and determined to start their careers in IT. We`ve met with students from UBB at Cariere in IT, with the ones from UTCN at “Zilele Carierei” and with everyone at Targul de Cariere in IT.

It was a great spring and we were happy to see that hundreds of young people applied for our First Step Internship Program designated for JAVA EE Technologies. It was our pleasure to speak with each and every student that stopped at our booth, to conduct job interview simulations and to be part of the roundtable organized by UTCN on the topic of “Correlation of Educational Offer with Labor Market Demand in Romania”.

We congratulate all the students that showed interest in learning more about our work through ambition and passion. Keep in mind that we are looking for 10 dedicated and curious students who want a professional and pleasant work experience in software development.

What to expect from our “First Step Internship Program”

In 2018 we’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of our internship programs. We’d like to take this opportunity to launch the brand new “First Step Internship Program”, a program created to continue to empower young talents. This year, our interns will benefit from a real-world experience.  Flavius, one of our interns from 2017, is currently our colleague and agreed to share his experience with everyone.

“My choice to be part of the AXON Soft internship was one of the best, if not the best, steps to begin my career in IT. From my point of view, it was the best experience I could have gained last summer because of the knowledge gained and the team I was part of.

I can say that all stages of the internship have been very well thought out. I will not give spoilers, but AXON has taken care of us through all the stages of developing an application. In the end, each of us had a good overview of what a business application means. We have learned a lot of new stuff, but do not think we’ve been overwhelmed by our mentors. Instead, they helped us repeatedly, with all the problems we encountered along the way.

From my point of view, the team was a very important aspect. The sudden shift from a flexible timetable to a fixed schedule would have seemed a bit difficult to me if I didn’t have a team of friends to socialize with each day. We managed to combine work with pleasure, learned to solve collective problems, to share ideas and, after all that, we became friends”, explains Flavius.

Keep an eye on your email

These days, we will be announcing the names of all the students that passed the preliminary round for our “First Step Internship Program”. All those who have been selected will receive instructions on what they have to do to pass through to the next stage.

If you’re selected to be part of our internship program, you will have the opportunity to experience the real workflow of a project team. The Internship 2018 team will create an application designed for this purpose.

The AXON Soft team is looking forward to finding this year’s interns.

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