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This week we attended for the first time a fair dedicated to students from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FSEGA) looking for an internship position. We were happy to meet hundreds of students eager to explore their potential. We believe that their skills and motivation will help them change the world and bring value to our society.

During the last couple of days, at fair, we spoke with students about the internship opportunities for this summer. We were happy to present our anniversary edition of “First Step Internship Program”. For the tenth in a row, we organize a summer internship to help students prepare for their future career.

In these last days, we’ve met hundreds of talented and passionate students, knowing what they are looking for in their professional life. We were happy to see that they are searching for guidance and mentoring. It`s always a pleasure to meet young people who ask lots of question to determine if they will find it with us while learning new technologies and finding a dynamic environment. Our biggest surprise was to see that lots of first-year students are already searching for internships and part-time jobs in order to gain experience and to become professionals.

Extraordinary students at fair

We congratulate all the students and volunteers from “Societatea Hermes” NGO. They managed to organize an excellent event and brought together innovative and well-trained students.

Regardless of their age, we’re committed to helping young people that prove self-motivation and passion for computer science to explore their potential, to mentor them and to help them gain valuable work experience.

This is why we consider our tenth anniversary of internship programs is an excellent opportunity to continue to empower the young talents by launching our brand new “First Internship Program” filled with new challenges. In case you didn`t apply yet, don`t forget to send us your resume until April 30, 2018, at You can also come to meet us at “TdC in IT” in between 19 and 20 of April and at “Career Days in UTCN” on 24 April. Keep in mind that we are looking for 10 dedicated and curious students who want a professional and pleasant work experience in software development.




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