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IT conferences – great places to learn

In recent years, IT Conferences have become great places to get an excellent view of the latest technologies, IT updates and methodologies used to support the activity of many companies. Whether the conferences are about Java, Project Management or Big Data, the main goal is coming back after the event with a fresh perspective and new connections.

AXON Soft supports the local IT community

Because this type of events is more about building communities and contribute to their growth, AXON Soft shows its support for the local IT community and joined on 8th April the third edition of CodeCamp Cluj-Napoca, an IT event that brought together IT professionals in order to ease the exchange of experiences.

This edition, the agenda covered many up-to-date subjects related to Java, .Net, Mobile, Software Architecture, Business Analysis and so on and reached different career levels starting with enthusiastic students to senior specialists. We had the pleasure of surrounding us with a great number of passionate IT professionals willing to hear new techniques in their field and find solutions to their problems provided by experienced speakers.

One of the industry experts from the event we are especially proud of is our CEO, Anca Vescan, who delivered a session based on her relevant professional experience of over 25 years. Anca focused on how project managers should find a balanced way to get the most out of each methodology and be able to help their teams work in a more effectively and efficiently manner in order to make the customers successful. Her talk was highlighted by personal examples and ended up with a conclusion, we hope, was inspiring for their IT career.

Download the pdf presentation straight out of our blog!

As an overall feeling at the end of the day, we are glad to say CodeCamp is an additional IT event that has confirmed us the fact that Cluj-Napoca has a strong IT community with diverse backgrounds and experiences which places the city on the IT clusters list.

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