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2018 is a special year for AXON Soft because we have reached an important milestone! We are celebrating 20 years of success in delivering software development projects with real global impact. We are very grateful for everything that Cluj-Napoca is offering to us and we feel the need to actively contribute to the well-being of those living next to us.

In January, we`ve announced that we`re supporting the International Mathematical Olympiad that will take place in Cluj. At AXON Soft, performance is a keyword and supporting the most prestigious scientific Olympiad seemed the best step to begin our festive year.

This month we`ve decided to get involved in the life of those who are not so fortunate. We think that it`s very important to keep a balance between business and sensitive issues from society. As a team, AXON Soft decided to pay more attention to social projects. This is why this month we`ve decided to give an extra help to our friends from the association for animal protection, Arca lui Noe, Cluj. Some of our colleagues already adopted animals from them, but we wanted to help them by providing food and love to the approximately 150 dogs from the shelter.

Every dog needs food and affection

Thanks to one amazing lady, Ms. Bora, we were able to find out more about the dogs from Arca lui Noe. During our field visit, Ms. Bora told us every dog`s story and it was quite shocking to find out how bad some people treat dogs. Even though we knew the theory, the reality was something else. It`s hard to see those puppy eyes and hear that they were drowning. It also seemed unfair to hear how many expectations we have from the associations that support the grateful souls of these little dogs. But even though we, as humans, don`t always treat animals right, it was amazing to see how dedicated are to dogs Ms. Bora and her team. We had an amazing time while visiting the dogs and offering them our love.


As a team, we are convinced that we will return to them as often as we can. But in the meantime, we kindly invite you to join their mission because any helping hand can make a difference! We have many ways to help Arca lui Noe. We can donate 2% of your income taxes, provide food or simply go and volunteer once in a while.


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