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The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is the largest, oldest and most prestigious scientific Olympiad for high school students. The history of IMO dates back to 1959 when the first edition was held in Romania with seven countries participating. In 2018, the International Mathematical Olympiad returns to Romania and will take place in Cluj.

AXON Soft proudly supports IMO, especially because for the last 20 years we empower people, innovation and progress. We have a tradition in high performing software development and this is one reason we are proud to support performance at IMO 2018.

Over 1300 guests will come to Cluj

IMO is the World Championship Mathematics Competition for High School students and every year takes place in a different country. This year, Cluj-Napoca will host over 1.300 student, teachers, leaders, observers, and volunteers from 120 countries from 5 continents. Each country can send a team of up to six secondary students or individuals who have not entered University or the equivalent, as of the date of celebration of the Olympiad, plus one team leader, one deputy leader, and observers if desired.

The privilege of hosting this event in Cluj comes as a recognition of an efficient inter-institutional collaboration, and a climate that attracts the business environment into major education projects – a management priority transformed into the goal of building a school that we can call, without a doubt, performant. We are convinced that this edition will be a royal of the competition and the scientific performance”, considers Valentin Claudiu Cuibus, the general manager of IMO 2018.

It`s our greatest honor to be part of this prestigious event, now when we celebrate 20 years of activity. We like to add value to our project and to our community. We consider this event to be the best ambassador for Cluj and for the potential of this city.

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