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AXON Soft took part, for the first time, in MWC Barcelona, the mobile industry’s premier event. The event was visited by more than 109,000 people from 198 countries and territories. AXON Soft is proud to have been selected to showcase the latest technology, products, and services across Fira Gran Via conference center.

The official numbers show that over 55% of this year’s MWC attendees held senior-level positions, including more than 7,900 CEOs. During last week, all the attendees explored the era of Intelligent Connectivity across 120,000 net square meters of exhibition space. The event consisted of an amazing combination of high-speed 5G networks, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

During the four days of exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to experience demonstrations across a range of sectors including entertainment, transportation, and robotics from the biggest names in the industry, such as ARM, Google, Microsoft, Rakuten, Vimeo, Intel, and from every company who has a word about the future.

It was an intense mix of many significant industry announcements held under the umbrella of “Intelligent Connectivity” that marked the beginning of a new era, defined by highly contextualized and personalized experiences.

The future of innovation

For AXON Soft, MWC19 has been the best opportunity to promote our services and products, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet future partners and establish together the technological innovations we will be using. We are convinced that the core themes around which MWC focused their content already started to shape the future of our industry and our world as we know it.

The core themes around MWC were Connectivity, AI, Industry 4.0, Immersive Content, Disruptive Innovation, Digital Wellness, Digital Trust, and The Future.

From connectivity that aims to highlight the requirements needed to make 5G a reality to artificial intelligence that is poised to have a transformative effect on consumers, enterprises, and governments around the world or cyber-physical systems, cloud and cognitive computing that constitutes Industry 4.0, MWC19 had it all. From our point of view, the event was the place to be for anyone interested in the technologies that will shape our world in the next 10 years.

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