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At AXON Soft, our daily mission is to make a difference in someone`s life. This does not refer just to their professional life, but also to contribute to the well-being of those around us. And if we take into consideration the fact that every three seconds someone needs blood, it`s only natural to take action. Our colleagues at AXON-Soft decided to give the gift of life by donating blood.

Any blood donation counts! This is the first lesson that we learned while donating. The main reason for this is that a single donor can save up to three lives. It`s quite impressive if you think that in just a half an hour you can achieve such amazing results. Moreover, what made us go and donate is the fact that by donating blood, you are giving people something money can`t buy and science can`t create. Without any further thoughts, the first of March found us at the Regional Transfusion Center from Cluj. The center and personal exceeded our expectation – everyone was extremely friendly, the rooms were making us feel calm and the whole process went smoothly, without problems.

A sweet surprise for grandparents

Every donor receives, from the Romanian government, 7 meal tickets. Since our reason was a noble one, we wanted to continue our day on a positive note and to put the smile on the face of over a hundred people from the daycare center for the elderly.

All of our colleagues got involved and in no time we managed to prepare 105 packages of sweets, fruits and juice for every elderly from the center. It was the best feeling to see the smile and hope on their faces when we went to offer them our little sweet symbol of spring. Maybe even more impressive were the words of the center`s manager: “I manage this center for more than 20 years and we receive donations every once in a while, but no one ever called me to say that they donate blood and that they want to prepare a surprise for our elderly. I know those tickets were not enough, but the gesture was extremely noble“.

At the end of the day, the most valuable lesson that we`ve learned was that it takes a very little effort to put a smile on someone`s face, to save a life and to bring hope in the lives of our fellowmen. We kindly invite you to join the mission with small gestures every day!

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