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Being in a fast growing market, IT companies have become aware of the changes and they all stay in touch with the new generations of talents with fresh minds. Thereby, between the 9th and 10th of March in Cluj-Napoca took place “TdC in IT” (the career fair in IT) where IT companies and many interested visitors attended the event.

Hundreds of talented students at Tdc in IT

This fair is about job recruitment, internship programs and interaction with potential candidates in a friendly environment. Mainly, it is visited by students looking for an internship position and few experienced computer science professionals who seek new challenges. Our Marketing and HR departments were there to present the company profile and job opportunities.

For companies is important to create a professional profile and share it with the potential employees in order to let them know what are the opportunities and the challenges they’ll meet for a vacant job.

In these 2 overwhelming days, we’ve met hundreds of talented and passionate students, knowing what they are looking for in their professional life. We’ve also met high school students looking for guidance and advice in their decision to study informatics and computer science in order to become great IT professionals.

As an overall look through these past days and knowing the potential of the faculties in Cluj-Napoca with almost 2000 graduates per year, we congratulate all the innovative and well-trained students we’ve met at this IT fair. We think it was an excellent experience for both sides and we are proud that we’ve participated as an IT company, in such a nice event.

To sum up, we would like to say the event has confirmed our confidence that we will have well-trained colleagues in the future and also the fact that Cluj-Napoca is a great IT cluster for the next generation of specialists.

See some pictures of the atmosphere described:

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