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The 59th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the largest and most prestigious of all of the international Olympiads for pre-college students, came to an end. Over 600 contestants from 116 countries did their best to solve 6 problems in 2 contest days. In the end, 289 gold, silver and bronze medals were given to the winners.

Besides mathematics and medals, IMO 2018 has meant thousands of new friendships and experiences. More than 100 countries from 5 continents participated in the 58th IMO, the oldest and most prestigious international scientific competition for high-school students.  The best team result was obtained, in order, by USA (212 points, 5 gold medals, and a silver medal), Russia (201 points, 5 gold medals, and a silver medal) and China (199 points, 4 gold medals and 2 silver one). On the fourth place was the team of Ukraine (196 points, 4 gold medals, and 2 silver ones) and on the fifth place was Thailand (183 points, 3 gold medals, and 3 silver ones). The full results are public and you can also check them here.

James Lin, part of US delegation, the best young mathematician from the world

James Lin obtained the maximal score at the 58th edition of the IMO. His score was 42, meaning 7 points for each of the six problems. This way, James obtained the first position in the individual ranking out of 615 contestants.

Romania won the 33rd position

Romanian Olympic team obtained a golden medal, a silver one, two bronze medals and two honorable mentions, and holds the 33rd position in the overall ranking. Individually, the team members obtained the following results:

Andrei Nicolae (31 points, gold medal), Ciprian Mircea Bonciocat (30 points, silver medal), Edis Memiş (22 points, bronze medal), Mihnea Gabriel Doica (21 points, bronze), while Antonie Ciocan (15 points) and Radu Alexandru Iacob (10 points) obtained honorable mentions.

All of us at AXON Soft congratulate the mathletes for their dedication, hard work, and great result. We believe that brilliant minds will build a better future and we will continue to support and empower people willing to reach their potential.

Next year, the UK will host the 59th edition of IMO. Geoff Smith, the President of the IMO board, will be in charge of organizing the world’s largest math contest for high school students in Bath.

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