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For 20 years, we deliver successful software development project with real global impact. After Axiodis, an application developed for a French client which was included in top 10 worldwide, this year AXON Soft launched a new promising project. Together with an international client ranked in top 10 software company in Workforce Management (HRIS, Forecasting, Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Performance Monitoring) we will develop the next generation of WMF application.

Performance above all

Our newest project consists of an international and agile team working for a top application that will change the workforce management software as we know it. This application will help companies to manage and engage their most valuable resource: THE PEOPLE. The product roadmap implies using state of the art technology, intelligent features, UX and UI focus, powered by an in-house calculation engine to achieve this goal.

Ultimately, the application`s purpose is to provide an ideal schedule that can assign the right number of suitably-skilled employees on tasks and activities with varying volumes. Furthermore, the process acknowledges the need to respect commitments made for quality of service and profitability, not forgetting the individual and their rights. The work schedules are a cornerstone of the work/life balance, one of the main concern of the people.

Experienced team

AXON Soft was always the place where the professionals show integrity to ensure the quality of the services. Our team is driven by the desire of achieving higher and higher results and delivering products that correspond to the highest standards in the industry.

To successfully reach our goal, we put a lot of work to our employees` personal development and, as a result, our team is permanently connected to our customer`s need, offering the latest technology and the most innovative approaches.

Through our competences, we make a difference in the quality and the efficiency of software in different fields – from banking to CRM, ERP, logistics, e-Commerce, B2B, B2C, B2F, security, assets management or web. With this new project ahead of us, we are convinced that we will reinforce our areas of expertise and highlight our position as one of the best outsourcing companies from Romania.

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