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Our First Step Internship Program is, as usually, dedicated to empowering the young talents to develop their skills alongside our great professionals. In the last couple of days, we had the chance to meet hundreds of passionate students, eager to take a step forward in their careers. We got to talk with wonderful people at TdC in IT and at FSEGA, at Cariere in IT.

Every spring brings us the amazing opportunity to meet with our future colleagues during the career fairs organized. Every time we expect to see what young people are dreaming and what expectations they have, and each year we are impressed with their way of thinking. We were glad to see that students are asking more and more questions about our projects, our way of doing business and about our culture. For us, it`s important to see that they want to know how we work and interact with each other, and not just to complete their mandatory summer practice.

First Step Internship Program

JAVA EE Technologies Internship

Since 2008 we have been partners for universities and developed summer internship programs for students that want to complete their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. This year, our First Step Internship Program is designed to offer the opportunity to experience the real workflow of a project team and create an application designed for this purpose.

Our intern team will consist of 10 dedicated and curious students, who want professional and pleasant work experience in software development. They will get to work with Java EE Technologies, Web Technologies, Design and architectural patterns, and Continuous integration.

We congratulate all the students that showed interest in learning more about our work through ambition and passion. If you didn’t get a chance to come at TdC in IT or Zilele Carierei in IT, don’t worry. Keep in mind that you can still meet us at Zilele Carierei in UTCN, on 3rd April, 26-28 Baritiu street, Cluj-Napoca.

Also, you can apply for our First Step Internship Program here.

After 7th April, we will be announcing the names of all the students that passed the preliminary selection round. All those who have been selected will receive instructions on what they have to do to pass through to the next stage.

The AXON Soft team is looking forward to finding this year’s interns.




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