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At AXON Soft we believe that investing in local youth by providing meaningful educational experiences is a must. Events like the open day or visits in the field are becoming more and more popular in our company. Last week, we were happy to welcome the team that represented our county in the National Olympiad of Computer Science.

Right from the beginning, we must point out what an amazing team represented Cluj to the National Olympiad of Computer Science. They proved integrity, persistence, optimism, and an enormous desire to work together and create an impact. Each one of these young people has impressed us in their own unique way and it was our pleasure to get to know each other and share our thoughts about our mutual passion – IT.

Impressive young people

We’re committed to empowering the next generation of IT leaders and we are happy to see that both high school students and university ones already know that in order to succeed they need to work hard and be up to date with the latest trends. Although they were young students, they keep an eye on the latest technologies, are interested in new approaches, and are eager to learn new things every day. Together, we`ve talked about the rating from the TIOBE Programming Community, analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of each programming language and helped them understand why it is so important to have their skills up to date.

The Olympians also had the chance to talk to our interns and to understand better what an internship is all about and why is so important to work together, as a team, to achieve the best results.

During the whole day, the interactions between the two generations were filled with optimism, and we are confident that what they’ve learned from each other and from their inspiring work will help all of them to gain even more skills for their own future. We wish them all to never stopped the pursuit of a better version of themselves, and to find motivation and inspiration in every experience that life will bring them.

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