Today is a special day: AXON Soft is celebrating its 20th Anniversary

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April 13th, 2018 is a big day for AXON Soft. The company celebrates 20 years of successful business that without the support and trust of our clients and partners wouldn`t have been possible. Thank you all!

Today is a special day: AXON Soft is celebrating 20 years of successful business

We have accomplished a lot during our first 20 years. We truly believe that we contributed to the evolution of countless businesses and that we empowered people to reach their potential.

From the beginning, we understood that it`s our mission and responsibility to serve our clients. Each time we delivered exquisite applications for various industries – from banking and financial services to industry, from agriculture to real estate, from logistics to administration. Moreover, our development team has succeeded to deliver 2 software applications that have entered the top 10 worldwide for their business area (logistics and workforce management). This makes us proud of our achievements and we are sure that we can repeat them for other customers.

However, we believe that AXON Soft’s success is based on understanding and proactively approaching our clients’ needs and interests. We always strive to do our best to serve and satisfy them. For this reason our great professionals are here to ensure the success of each project.

Now, we are entering a new stage in our development. It`s important what we do next and we are excited to announce that we are expanding into new markets. We are determined to continue helping our clients and partners to be successful in their business pursuits.  We are looking forward to hearing from you to explore the possibilities of collaboration for the success of your projects.

Let`s code the future together!

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