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Oftentimes, we find ourselves wanting to do more, yet feeling like there aren’t enough hours to accomplish everything what we set out to do, in a day.

In today’s world, efficiency is promoted and praised. Axon’s digital solutions and partnerships contributes to this fast-paced environment by implementing the latest AI technologies to empower our customers, in their business environment. Every day, we use time management techniques to reduce friction. If you’re like many employed professionals, you know that time management is a skill you must first understand to efficiently apply its concepts. Now, it’s time to apply it to your current employment situation. You can use the one(s) that fits your work style.

Technique #1: Pomodoro

Taking 5-minute breaks after each 25-minute session.

This technique, named after a tomato, is well known among software developers thanks to its simplicity. It can prevent depletion of your attention resources. Best suited for long-term projects.

Technique #2: Even or Odd

Split your day into hourly slices: the even hours are for the most urgent tasks, while the odd hours can be used for less important or postponed duties on your waiting list.

Best suited for people who have upcoming deadlines for both important tasks and many trivial ones. Combined with Pomodoro technique, it allows you to fully concentrate on an urgent task for a specific amount of time.

Technique #3: GTD (Getting Things Done)

A priority matrix that relies on an external system to reduce unnecessary clouding of the mind.

Based on a productivity system (such as Asana) that helps you work on multiple projects simultaneously with confidence, clear objectives, and a sense of control. Best suited for people working on different independent projects with various tasks and demanding different approaches to get them done.

Technique #4: Kanban Boards

Write down all tasks and place them on a board split into 3 categories based on the task status.

Best for people who want to focus on a particular assignment rather than multitasking and is extremely helpful when working in teams. The boards help you visualize your tasks.

Book recommendation: Personal Kanban by Jim Benson

Technique #5: Eisenhower Matrix

Also known as the decision matrix, it suggests splitting your tasks into four categories with different priorities, from urgent to non-urgent.

Technique #6: Eat That Frog

Technique #6: Eat That Frog-> Tackle the most impactful tasks on your to-do list first.

This method is similar to the 80/20 principle where you take on tasks that will have the most impact (the 20%) rather than less important tasks (the 80%).

Remember, being productive brings a great deal of benefits, including higher pay and internal satisfaction. No method is perfect, but should be used based on decisions about time management suited to you and your work style.

At AXON Soft we work on getting better, adding precision to our planning, and becoming more efficient in our work input and output. Our work lies in one of the fastest-paced industries, therefore it is important for us to not only manage projects, but encourage people to stay focused, onboard, and satisfied.

We hope this article helped you to find a way of managing your work better. To keep your work moving in the right direction, we invite you to read our first two blog posts on productivity:

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