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What are the main workflow factors for fluid software development?

In this 3-part blog series, we will be touching base on work efficiency, productivity, and various incremental methods we can apply to further improve our skills and work routine. Regardless of where you work from, remotely or on-site, you use certain methods to organize your work. Your brain needs tools and methods to stay in focus, to keep track of all tasks and meet deadlines. If you are looking for better ways to work smarter, not harder, read on to see if the tips we gathered below fit your style and help you improve your efficiency.

Our tips for workplace productivity cover three areas: People, Time Management, and Work Space. The first part of the series addresses the “people”.

1. People

In many ways, multitasking may seem like a good idea: by working on more than one task at once, “jugglers” are theoretically more productive. Theoretically. But even in computing,  running multiple programs (sets of instructions) on one computer at the same time can interrupt started ones before they finish.

As people, we don’t actually multitask, but rather switching really quick between tasks. This hurts productivity because it distracts us and lowers our efficiency.

As a consequence, we need more time to finish our to-do list. How to keep focused:

  • Tip #1: Stick to one activity at a time to ensure it’s well-managed
  • Tip #2: Commit fully to that activity in an orderly fashion
  • Tip #3: Use time management tools (i.e.: Harvest, Clockify) to better organize your time and help your punctuality

As software developers, the nature of our work entails both individual work and teamwork. How to be more productive when working in teams:

  • Tip #4: Explain to your teammates the “why” by putting tasks in context
  • Tip #5: Think twice before booking meetings, to prevent wasted time
  • Tip #6: Recognize and reward your team for increased productivity
  • Tip #7: Encourage short, frequent breaks to avoid burnout
  • Tip #8: Automate where you can to free up time and resources
  • Tip #9: Delegate efficiently and work collaboratively to empower other members
  • Tip #10: Organize regular check-ins with the team members in order to make people feel more connected
  • Tip #11: Use productivity tools and planners (i.e. Slack, Trello)

Nonetheless, for success in software development projects, it is equally important to follow a structured and well-defined plan around our working hours. We invite you to join part 2 of our blog series, where we’ll talk about how to improve our work space.

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