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Working as a Software Developer has its perks and downsides, like any other job, i.e. Scientist or Salesperson. But since we are a software development business, software developers outnumber by far all other roles throughout the company. Hence, we have way more insights on this topic than any other one. And we, at AXON Soft, believe that software developer is the best job in the world. Here’s why!

Let’s start with what does a software developer do.

Easy answer: writing code.

Spoiler alert: there are no easy answers.

We are all familiar with job descriptions like this one here. Or here. Or here. But a developer’s life is more than just the work that person does. Yes, we code, we think, we plan, we find solutions, we debug, we learn new things every day like programming languages or soft skills. And when everything is fixed, we look for new problems and THEN find new ways to solve them. It’s a merry-go-round that makes work-life balance an unstable equilibrium and gets us to feel sometimes like acrobats on a string.

Furthermore, new technologies and frameworks emerge every day. Clients apply new methodologies and brand-new hardware devices are being installed, just waiting to use the newest, prettiest, friendliest, and easiest interface possible. Guess who gets to do this? Yes, the software developers. And here comes the beauty of this job and why we believe it is the best job in the world. Because we get to:

1/ GET CREATIVE in our thinking.

Like a kid thinks about chocolate – what’s the fastest way to unwrap it? Or like when you get a brief (which is not brief at all, pun intended) with a million tasks interconnected and you take a step back and look at it from a whole new perspective, trying to find patterns or reasons to organize those tasks in a manner that makes sense and helps you get to the outcome part more efficiently.


and make a difference in the world, like these projects over here.


while working, because IT projects usually extend over years (or, well, at least at AXON Soft they do 😊 ). This gives people less stress about time. Also, hybrid work helps.


every day and challenge ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. Oftentimes, new and innovation go hand in hand in this line of business, which makes work anything but boring.


knowledge between teams and projects. Collaborate. Communicate. Talk to each other. You know, like normal people do. Although we are involved in different projects, technologies, or frameworks, we share a common language.


different paths and decide which career path we want to pursue. We feel that there is a high level of freedom in choosing our professional path. The opportunities are very diverse in the field and this gives us flexibility.


The younger colleagues who are starting their careers as software developers, may it be Java Developer or PHP Developer, frontend or backend, QA Engineer, or any other job role, have mentors to turn to when they need a bit of guidance. Plus, the shared library is available for everyone to access and make the best use of it for their professional development. So, sharing is caring. And caring makes us better as humans.

The list goes on, but we made our point. If you feel the same way, check out our careers page and see if there’s something there that challenges you. There’s beauty in every line of code. If you see things the same way, get in touch! We’d love to meet.

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