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Time has always been the most precious resource we have on our hands and people are reconsidering their work-life balance. The pandemic imposed new rules for jobs that can be digitally sustained and now we have the opportunity to reimagine how we continue further: back to onsite, hybrid work or remote. The decision belongs to our dedicated team.

Workers and employees have been through a lot the past two years.  Yet with hindsight we can remodel the operating patterns. The increase of optionality and collaborative tools are in support with entering a period of normality that will be the standard for many years to come. Perhaps the mirage of the grand return should be a focus on deeper listening and meeting the workforce where they are today.

While there is evidence that remote work is both convenient and productive, many employees are asking why they should go to the office at all. At AXON Soft, we carefully consider who needs to attend physically, the objectives, the activities, and how to craft a structured agenda that still leaves room for emergent topics, spontaneous conversation, socializing, and collaboration.

Our standpoint is to include everyone in the decision-making process and partner to design the future of how our company operates. As Anca Vescan – CEO AXON Soft mentions in this interview at Via Cluj TV, we highly value our employees’ opinion and adapt our processes to match their needs.

It takes time to create those norms, and figuring out what works may require some experimenting. In order to include everyone in the process of building a community, cohesion, and a sense of belonging at work, we have created an internal poll on workplace preferences. Thus, we addressed what employees prefer in regards to work stations that are either technological augmented or site-related. Here is what our colleagues feel about the place they work from:

Unexpectedly, since this year, we have seen a growing preference for physical interactions in our company. While 63 % of our employees prefer hybrid work, only 37 % are comfortable in being fully remote. Nevertheless, everyone expressed their interest towards informal social gatherings activities at least once a month. Consequently, we deliberately go about cultivating deeper team relationships and creating an inclusive, purposeful experience for people, regardless of where they are working.

As a software development company, we pay very close attention to combine the best of working remote with the best of working onsite. Hybrid work will definitely reduce the disconnection of teams, as well as encourage employee-led operating model. However, this kind of flexibility is harder to achieve and would take more resources to handle personal difficulties in cross-functional teams. The most important concerns fall under the “5C challenges” spectrum:

  • Communication: giving each team member equal time to contribute to the discussion at hand
  • Coordination: remote workers can get left out of bigger conversations and more important decisions
  • Connection: building a dominant class” of those who feel like they’re central to the organization and a “underclass” of those who feel peripheral and disconnected from work and social life
  • Creativity: endangered collective creativity
  • Culture: signaling the organization’s distinctiveness to potential new recruits.

While being remote may seem engaging for a while, sustaining a positive and strong organizational commitment in daily tasks may find employees disconnected. Hybrid work poses the question of our desire for human contact with new challenges in adapting to everyone’s environments and personal traits. This type of work becomes more prevalent, and employees become less physically centralized while office perks are quickly diminishing. However, our teambuilding programs are highly appreciated and we aim to involve all personalities while spending a good time together.

At AXON Soft we aim to improve the digital workplace experiences, but strongly believe that building new relationships is better done in person. As our employees have expressed, they prefer informal meetings, workshops and team-building events which enhance the cohesion between departments, roles and individualities. Even our CSR projects lighten our mission to help the most vulnerable groups of people, face to face. Our past initiatives like School backpack program and Letters to Santa were extremly rewarding, as our colleagues mentioned. This is why in 2022 we will continue to take the CSR intiatives very serious and find new ways to help those in need.

Finally, considering our employee’s preference for hybrid work, we adapted our workflows and digital support in order to accommodate interactive teams. We are constantly evolving and adapting to the market place scenarios and intend to keep everyone as engaged as possible.

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