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How internship works is something we wonder about at one point in our lives. Most commonly the question arises around the final years of our studies, but there is no real standard on when work experience in a certain industry might be required. Based on the path of our intern turned employee Mihaela, we’ve tried to answer a few commonly raised questions.

Also, we will be portraying her path, from student internship-seeker to full-time employee, and what she felt along the process.

1. Applying and getting hired for your first internship

It should be first mentioned that there is no one way of getting things done. And as you will hear various success stories over time, you will come to realise that everyone’s path is paved differently. While we hope the following will give some good insight, we hope you will use the knowledge to build your own road. Read on to find out more about Mihaela’s experience with the internship application process from the interview she was so kind to accept.

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I was into my second year at university, completing my computer science & maths bachelor, and same as my other colleagues I was after internship opportunities over the summer break. I ended up attending a job fair, where I first came across the role at Axon Soft. Later on, I’ve seen the same position advertised again. This time, I decided to apply.

Do you remember how many internship roles did you apply for at that time?

It was somewhere around ten. After some of the applications, I was invited further to take one or two tests. Other employers didn’t get back to me whatsoever.

So, what convinced you to choose Axon Soft?

Haha, well it was the fact that it wasn’t a large company. I could tell from the beginning that there is a lot of growth potential and that I could have a palpable impact here. I find it much more empowering to work for employers where everyone’s voice matters.

How did the recruitment process go?

Fine I guess, haha. As previously mentioned, after I attended the job fair I sent an email with my CV and cover letter. A few days later I was invited to take part further in the recruitment process. Now, I was given a test to complete over the weekend. The following week, I received a call to announce that I was taken to the next round. A technical test, followed by a chat with the HR department.

What do you remember about the technical test?

I remember that I was nervous on that day. Also, I felt lucky to be screened by someone very patient and understanding. The test itself lasted less than an hour, and it was a combination of new technical questions, a comeback to some from my previous assignment and what self-initiated projects I undertook over time. I would say that a good foundation from uni, would equip you with the knowledge to answer those questions.

I get what you mean. It’s always encouraging when you come across someone nice at an interview. How long did it take since then until you got confirmed?

Yes, indeed. It also made me want to work at Axon Soft even more. There is a bigger joy in doing your work when you are surrounded by the right people. To answer your question: I think it took around a week until I got confirmed.

How did you feel on that day?

I actually remember this day vividly. I was in between courses when I got a call. The thrill I felt on the spot was quite intense. I felt strongly that I wanted to work here, so it meant a lot to me. How the company culture came across on the day of the interview and the kindness shown towards me when taking the test, mattered a lot for me.

2. An opportunity to be remembered

Same as in our personal lives, we will find that some professional experiences define us more than others. Choosing the right role, in the right environment can be a lot of times tricky. But it is down to us to seek opportunities that align with our ambitions and our personality.

Ok, so now regarding your time there. How did you find your experience?

I genuinely think it was an enriching period. In the beginning, I followed a course, and I was then assigned to take part in a project. Before the end of my apprenticeship, I had to hand in the project.

Did you have access to a library or other training material?

Yes, I did. I would read various articles that would help me complete my assignments along the way. I was also given mentorship by, actually, the person that acts as a team leader for one of my projects now. But since then our induction process has evolved. We now have various courses and different materials put together.

“One other thing that I appreciated is that regardless of how busy everyone was, I was given constant support by my colleagues, with all the questions and dilemmas I had in the beginning”.

Was there anything specific you wanted to learn from your internship?

I wouldn’t say so. As in, I knew I was going to be part of an organisation that uses Java, and the latest technologies back at that time to operate. Obviously, to stay relevant we learn and improve constantly, whilst getting yearly updates on what tech we get to use.

3. Appreciate your peers’ support by sharing your knowledge further.

Being shown the ropes early on could be a privilege. It is down to the time, patience, and goodwill of those more experienced than us, to be offered a helping hand when facing a dilemma. This support is even more important while taking our first steps in the professional world.

By learning and sharing our experience further, we will contribute to a better working environment, while earning the gratitude of your colleagues.

How was your transition from an internship to a full-time role?

I was offered a part-time position after completing my internship. I had to decline, due to the fact that I wanted to focus fully on my studies. But I returned the next summer, and I think it was an excellent decision to wait.

Why is that?

The team I was assigned to after was like a family. We had perfect chemistry, and great memories working together.

“Waiting for a year to take on a full-time role made things fall into place the right way. I am happy to be the one now offering support to those joining our team”.

Does this mean that now you do your own mentoring at Axon Soft?

Yes, I do. I enjoy every bit of it. Prior to joining the internship at Axon Soft, I dreamed of becoming a professor. Eventually, I turned to code and never looked back. My work gives me a lot of opportunities to help others grow, so I can’t say I missed anything.

Thank you, again, Mihaela, for sharing your story with us.

The applications for the 2022 internship program at Axon Soft are now open. If you are an IT student, then you might want to check this opportunity here. It can be the first step for your career as a software developer. Also, you can find out more about past internships  here. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIN for more useful information on this subject.

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