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We spend most of our time at the office, so it`s quite fair to say that our jobs can make a huge impact on our quality of life. Since everybody admits that our working hours really affects our general happiness, each organization should carefully craft their culture and go beyond the usual benefits and perks. At AXON Soft, corporate culture is a key element and our core values are embraced by every team member. This way, we make sure that the time we spend at work has a positive impact on everyone.

Every company is unique and so should be its culture. We pride ourselves on having highly skilled professionals, but we also make sure that our people also share the same values and that every time someone reaches out to any team member from AXON Soft receives a nice and friendly answer. From top management to junior staff, everyone treats everyone as well as possible and this one of the reasons why we benefit from good people that create a professional team.

Write your story

“Humans think in stories, and we try to make sense of the world by telling stories”, says Yuval Noah Harari, best-selling author. And this couldn`t be truer. Each of us loves a good story, we relate to others stories and not only. We also identify with our company’s story. Each company culture is a reflection of what it stands for. From our perspective, employees are the only ones that can really ensure the success of any business.

Blending our employees’ cultural heritage, with our customers’ needs and our business experience is our way to reach our goals. We believe that a good manager is not only the voice of a business but also the voice of its team. Mixing all these elements, a company, regardless of its size, will prove a positive impact in areas such as engagement, retention, fulfillment, branding and so on.

Sharing the same values

Although emotional intelligence may not be the key element in defining a company`s culture, it assures the conditions to create a positive and productive culture. People can make or break a company`s culture, and this is why we, at AXON Soft, we do our best to hire people that not only share the same professional aspirations but who also believe and support the same cause. We share the same values and we are committed to them. Our CSR actions are always embraced by our team and, as often as possible, our team focuses on the ones less fortunate and look after each other.

To sum it up, from our point of view our company culture thrives a common story. We share the same vision, we work together for the same mission while keeping our values intact. Each of us helps our company write its story and, with our peoples’ help, our story is authentic and it becomes better each day.

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