Another successful internship program has ended

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Another successful internship program has ended

We are very proud of our fantastic interns that dedicated their summer to our tenth edition of First Step Internship Program. Each of them proved interest in learning more about our work through ambition, dedication, and passion. During the last six weeks, they developed a web application from scratch and impressed us with the wonderful results.

We had an amazing time with our dedicated and curious team of interns who enjoyed their professional and pleasant work experience in software development. They learned how to face different challenges that appear when creating a software project, how to work in a team and, with lots of passion, they learned to use concepts and technologies such as Spring Boot, MyBatis, HTML, JavaScript, KnockoutJS.

Lots of guidance for our fresh talents

With the guidance of our coordinators – Paula Petrinca, Software Developer and Nita Pop, Software Developer, the team developed a prototype for managing differential access rights.

“Right from the beginning, I tried to establish a friendly relationship with our interns, so that the communication between us to be open and productive. I believe that the best results are obtained through teamwork and I am glad that our interns formed a united team that managed to achieve the best results and learn from each other. For me, as an individual, sharing information and helping others become better is a very important aspect and I am glad I had the opportunity to coordinate the internship”, said Paula.

For Nita, the opportunity to be a mentor to our interns offered an important experience, filled with challenges.

“Together with Paula, we did our best to provide a meaningful internship journey, filled with practical experience and, moreover, to offer students a career launch ramp. In these weeks, I learned how important it is to be a creative mentor, to have initiative and to be able to take the best decision for the whole team.

Behind the results obtained by our interns hides a story about friendship, overcoming boundaries, trust and perseverance. They learned that teamwork always brings much better results. To share ideas with others, to know how to listen to them, to recognize that your idea is not everyone’s favorite, were just a couple of essential lessons for them. Following the feedback I received from them, I think we did a good job together and I`m convinced that our interns have gained experience and understood what their profession really means”, explains Nita.

First Step Internship Program

Our tenth anniversary of internship programs was an excellent opportunity to continue to empower the young talents. For some of them, the real workflow of a project team just begins since they will soon be part of AXON Soft team.

To find out more about what our interns had to say about their experience at AXON Soft, check-out the Internship 2018 review page.

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