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When we talk about emotional intelligence we usually don`t see any connection between this concept and a software developer. If you think so too, prepare to change your perspective since more and more professionals admit that emotional intelligence becomes a key element in this field.

At AXON Soft, we believe that building a team of professionals who complement one another in terms of skills, experience and approach are essential to reaching our goal. As the business environment changes at an increasing rate, emotional intelligence (EQ) is a crucial challenge for project management. The lack of professionals in software development, the unlimited possibilities they have or the personality mismatch that tends to occur are just a few reasons why EQ became an important element in the recruiting process. Keeping in mind the fact that most employees don`t succeed in their roles simply because they don’t fit the team and they embrace the company culture, it`s only fair to focus on one`s EQ in the recruiting process.

As you probably know, the emotional intelligence can be defined through five elements:

– self-awareness (understanding your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals, while understanding their impact on others)

– self-regulation (controlling your emotions and adapting to change)

– motivation (your drive to succeed)

– empathy (keeping in mind other people`s feeling when making a decision)

– social skills (the ability to manage your relationships in order to move people in the desired direction).

Why EQ matters

Emotionally intelligent employers choose the way they react in almost any situation. If we try to refer to EQ in one sentence, we would probably say that is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realize how they affect your relationships and activity. Keeping in mind the fact that any software project is developed by a team, it`s only natural that if the team bonds and understands each other, it`s more predictable to achieve their goals. But if you don`t pride yourself with an impressive EQ, don`t worry –  we can develop our EQ through the life.

How to boost your EQ

Emotional intelligence is considered to be the ultimate soft skill and companies are more and more involved in helping employees improve their EQ.

According to Forbes managers can also help build EQ on existing teams if following a few simple steps. For sure, one of the most important aspects is that the team leaders to be emotionally self-aware and in control. This way, employees will feel valued and they can learn to separate emotions from personality.

Also, it`s not the first time we say this, but at AXON Soft we really think that feedback should be a routine and that it helps people become better and better. An emotionally intelligent leader will be able to control his reaction if the reactions are not the ones expected and can respond properly.

Last, but not least, by learning to control emotions, a team becomes more powerful and this can provide a big payoff in any business.

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