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Looking for a job can be stressful for both parts, even if you think otherwise. The company that hires you invests lots of hours during the recruiting process. From HR people to technical ones, everyone tries to get the best possible fit. At AXON Soft the hiring process is a constant challenge and we are trying to find the best colleagues. We are doing everything we can to make sure that our new employees will be challenged and will make the best use of their strengths. This is why every time we try to have a mixed interviewing team (HR specialist & technical staff) working together to find the best people that share our values.

The first impression counts

Regarding the first impression, you should be able to motivate your decision to leave your last employer. Lots of candidates are unable to say why they want to leave their jobs or what would determinate them to accept a new position. “Candidates should be able to give an accurate answer to these questions. They should also be able to define the values that they search in a new job and what would make them challenged and motivated”, mentions Cristina.

Last but not least, when going to an interview you should know a couple of things about the company.  If you don’t care enough to find out about the company or their projects, it’s natural for the interviewer to assume that you don’t really care enough to be part of their team.

Be prepared for the technical interview

After passing the first round of selection, each candidate needs to go through a technical interview. This is actually more important than degrees and certifications. Moreover, it’s your chance to demonstrate that you have the professional experience and expertise that recommends you as the best candidate for the job.

Through a series of questions and technical proofs, a technical staff interviewer can easily evaluate your competences and understand how you’ll cope with stressed periods and how you’ll approach challenges and teamwork.

Winning attitude

Sometimes, we have the pleasure to meet extraordinary people. They are really impressive and we want to share some details with you.

“Sometimes, while interviewing people, I have the pleasure to see enthusiasm and responsibility. I’m keen to see people who share the same values as us and I immediately recognize a candidate that would be a perfect fit for our team. I always appreciate when I meet people eager to enrich themselves with new skills, and I’m not referring to new technologies. A new foreign language or a new approach to the team spirit is just a couple of examples. Updating their technical skills and learning new technologies is a must in IT, but the willingness to improve other competencies is not so common”, adds our HR Manager.

Other times, our colleagues were impressed to see young people with one or two years of experience – so in junior positions – with expertise for a middle position. It’s a pleasure to meet self-motivated learners that are always willing to acquire new skills and knowledge in order to succeed.

So, to sum up, if you want to win your audience, be relaxed and confident.  Do your homework about the company, be objective about both your strengths and your weaknesses and talk about your accomplishments and goals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to show availability to learn new things and be prepared to answer technical questions regarding the desired position. This way, you have all the chances of getting the job you really want.

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