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Students find internships as a real work experience, or a way to demonstrate their full abilities. Being in a professional environment they gain industry knowledge that helps them in the future. Students must not only understand that internships help them to get a degree. But these short-term positions can lead to full employment, as many companies appeal for their new hires to previous students lists.


  • The transition from the academic field to a company where you need to put into practice what you have learned is constructive and helpful. Being in a real work environment should open up your mind to seeing different solutions for every type of problem. We like to discuss and debate in the smallest details issues and improvements that our students bring to the table.
  • When following a training program, you see what you are capable of and this makes you wonder what else you can do. Developing new skills is important for every student. When learning, you put in a good light your talent and value. We try to provide interns with real work tasks and interact with them frequently to increase their self-confidence.
  • Another great advantage of an internship is that it gives you the opportunity to build relationships that might be useful in the future. Communication is crucial here, as many employers want potential candidates with good technical and soft skills. In our company, our tutors maintain a strong relationship with the students so they can enjoy a friendly environment.


  • For some employers, having many internship programs and volunteer work in one CV could be a bad sign. Recruiters might see this as an unprofessional way of looking for a job, or not knowing what you want to do in the future.
  • Another issue is the benefits and promises a program presume, but when the time comes students may become disappointed. It could be the volume of work or competencies they should gain in those several weeks that don’t correspond with the main description. It could be the role they play in the team that doesn’t fulfill their preferences. Either way, there’s a chance that some students leave an internship with disappointment.
  • Not all internships are paid. This may be an issue for some students who have to face the summer costs. If the internships are imposed in schools, students begin looking for a program but with cost awareness. Some of them end up in companies that offer both money and good training, but not all of them are “lucky” to have them both.

Internships are beneficial when a student can put into practice what he/she learned. Still, more important to him/her is to finish the internship program with new skills and knowledge achieved.

What do you think about the aspects listed above?

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