Reinvent the way you recruit

Reinvent the way you recruit

AXON KAP is the newest web application developed by AXON Soft that makes the recruitment, hiring and evaluating process easy and effective. AXON KAP brings a wide variety of features, designed to offer complete solutions to human resource professionals.

Project management
optimization for HR

Better experience
for candidates

employer brand

All in one web application. AXON KAP is built to meet the needs of any sized businesses across any industry.

Rethink your hiring process. AXON KAP assures the performance of recruiting and hiring process through a simple and intuitive interface.

Key Features

  • Track and manage each of your job openings
  • Automate the posting process and sourcing the most qualified candidates faster
  • Instantly view your entire candidate database
  • Add new candidates, update existing ones & enroll existing ones in new job openings
  • Score and rank candidates, ensure that the most-qualified ones rise to the top of your candidate pool

Manage your team. AXON KAP can follow employees through their professional evolution. It can be used to:

Automate your recruitment process with us!

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