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1. What to expect from our Summer Internship?

Since 2008 we are mentoring dedicated and curious students that want a professional and pleasant work experience in software development.

For this year, we are preparing a new challenge – two teams, one that will learn and work with Angular for front-end and one that will consolidate their Java knowledge for back-end. The two teams will work together to develop a web application.

2. What skills should I have to be selected for the internship?

We are aiming to offer an experience filled with challenges to help you become a better professional. This is why our interns need to have basic Java skills, to make sure that we have a foundation to build on. Also, for our Angular team, it would be nice to have some basic concepts about Angular, but this is not a must.

We are expecting you to prove problem-solving skills, analytical thinking, curiosity, the ability to sustain and present your ideas. Nevertheless, elementary knowledge of French is appreciated.

3. What technologies will I use during the program?

You will get to work with Java, Angular, Web Technologies, design and architectural patterns, continuous integration, and many more.

4. How will it take place?

We are an agile team, and we adapt easily to what the future holds for us. We wish to be able to meet as much as possible with our interns, but the Covid 19 pandemic is still unpredictable. This is the reason we are preparing for any scenario and still hope for a hybrid version of our Summer Internship to help you get the most of this experience.

Through a hybrid internship, we will get to meet each other, but still, be able to work and learn from home. This way, we alternate the office days with periods of work from home.

5. If my application gets rejected, would I get feedback for that?

Yes, if your application gets rejected, you would be provided with proper feedback. Every student receives an answer from our team after the selection process.

Please take into consideration that we are not receiving applications after the deadline.

6. What happens if I have more questions about the internship?

We are always happy to meet curious people. Feel free to send us your questions about the internship or the company at internship@axonsoft.ro and don’t forget to apply here.


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