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The mission of recruiting and hiring talent with the skills necessary to assure a rock-solid team continues to have its challenges. Any company needs to upgrade itself regularly while keeping in mind what makes it unique. For us, at AXON Soft, high-performing talent is not enough. We believe in equality and trust, in a team aligned towards the same goal, possessing a shared vision about the company’s mission and in a place where people enjoy coming to work.

People of AXON Soft is best described as a mix of talent that’s driving us forward. The diversity of characters that forms our team enhances the decision-making process and leads to better outcomes. We value our colleague’s opinions and make sure that they are taken into consideration for each step we take. Also, we pride ourselves on having an open-minded approach to making everyone feel comfortable because we spend most of our day time in from of screens.

We value our people

Most of us prefer to be judged and rewarded more on results than time put in. We don`t work on a fixed schedule, but we have high standards of quality. This is why we are continuously improving our approach to furthering our colleague’s education. We make sure that everyone gets the recognition and respect their hard work deserves, and we always encourage our colleagues to share their knowledge with the whole team during our regular meet-ups. For us, this is one way of enabling them to build confidence, so they take initiative with ease and present their ideas, even those who are shy or introvert.

We support our colleagues

At AXON Soft we understand the desire to invest more time in family and hobbies, as well as being acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done. We do our best to offer time off to be with the loved ones in the important days. And we do care about our health, so we are paying great attention to the quality of health benefits that we offer. We make sure that we have proactive health plans, so our people feel protected and well taken care of.

A bit better each day

When it comes to employee benefits, we don`t assume we are offering the VIP package. But we ask for regular feedback and adjust our benefits taking into consideration what people want. That’s the case for time off, healthcare, flexible work arrangements and so on. And this brings us not just a family-like work environment, but also better performance and better productivity. So, if you think that you`re up to a challenge and would enjoy being part of a team focused on results, don`t be shy. We are always looking for people that speak up and enjoy being challenged.


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