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Outsourcing continues to be an ever-growing industry. Outsourcing has helped entrepreneurs focus on their core business while allowing professionals to take over specific tasks. This led to excellent results for everyone involved. Just last year, more than 30% of IT services have been outsourced, according to Deloitte. Moreover, statistics show that outsourcing will continue to grow and not just in IT.

Focus on value

When pursuing your goal, even if it`s a new year resolution or a long-term business plan, entrepreneurs need to consider the best use of their time. For what it takes, outsourcing offers lots of advantages no matter of the industry or the complexity of the business. From our experience, for IT industry the experienced and skilled specialists are the most important feature. It`s important for your business to benefit from the best solutions and, sometimes, this means receiving them from professionals. This gives you time to involve more and better in your field of expertise. This way, you will progress and be more efficient without wasting time trying to find solutions that “could work”.

Price vs. quality

At AXON Soft, we have a long-term outsourcing experience. In the last 20 years, we saw how entrepreneurs and businesses transformed and now most of our clients and prospects are eager to find out more about the value of a project that cost saving. Our clients are usually interested to accelerate the pace of their business, to increase the efficiency and the quality of their software products and services.  We truly believe that 2018 is the year in which clients will be pickier and will search for top-notch services. As mentioned, the focus shifted from price to quality.

In 2018 money is not the key factor for success, but providing the service or product that clients want. This is what makes the difference, and to be able to strive for excellence we need to communicate more and better. This will guaranty the success for both parts – the client will save time by managing the time and tasks better, while the outsource team will develop better products due to the effectively and clear guiding instructions.

Pay attention to risks

Outsourcing, especially in IT industry, is an extraordinary way to keep your business productive. But when you decide to outsource, you need to understand that it`s not all black and white. Sometimes, the lack of success is measured by a different metric scale. Different expectations lead to unsatisfying results for priorities or for the whole project.

According to an article published by cio.com, unrealistic expectations, unfocused leadership, unclear milestones or lack of team interaction can also be blamed for the failure of an outsourcing project.

Last but not at least, some big risks are caused by technology issues. When choosing your outsourcing partner, keep in mind to pick the right team, with the needed certifications and experience that can assure the quality of your project. We are proud of our team, who developed applications included in Top 10 worldwide. Two of our clients trusted our people and their skills, and together we`ve come up with a plan and a communication flow that brought the best results. From our point of view, this is how a valuable outsource contract needs to look like and this is how we plan to keep on doing business.

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