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Romania remains one of the countries where many of the world’s businesses choose to outsource information technology work and business processes. The advantages of outsourcing are well-known and, besides the rapid and efficient solutions, companies manage to avoid time-consuming and painful projects.

Cluj-Napoca is the home of advanced IT centers and prides itself with a large pool of professionals, a strong educational system, and a strong presence of multinational companies. At AXON Soft we offer everything that a company might need from an outsourcing partner:

• Workforce rich in skilled technologists
• Efficient deployment of solutions
• Increased flexibility and adaptability
• Optimised development processes
• Increased focus on customer needs and feedback

Focus on your core business

Hiring technical talent is complicated, the job requirement is usually a big challenge, so the risk of hiring the wrong people is quite big. Many of our partners choose to collaborate with us in order to access resources not available internally. Our company has a highly qualified team, so our partners continue focusing on their core business. They delegate time-consuming processes and projects and in the end, enjoy excellent results as a reward for their trust.

Key components of successful enterprises

Picking the right outsourcing partner will definitely have a direct impact on how successful enterprises really are. The math is simple – the outsourced services must be more efficient, professional, and with lower operational and labor costs. In addition, the remained resources can be used in an effective way for other purposes.

Access to new technology

If you want your business to be up to date, reaching out to an outsourcing company might be the best solution. Migrating your applications to new technologies implies a big effort to any company. A dedicated outsourcing team allows you to access cutting-edge technologies and modern methodologies that assures increased productivity and quality to your business.

Improve your performance

When choosing your outsourcing partner, make sure they have a rational security policy. Keep in mind the confidentiality aspect and make sure that the guidelines are clearly stated. Selecting a partner who follows a strict security policy can make the difference between success and failure. At AXON Soft, one of our main concerns is to take all necessary security measures to ensure complete data privacy. This way, we make sure that our partners benefit from an outstanding outsourcing experience.

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