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Keeping your staff engaged in their jobs is one of the toughest missions any manager could have. To be able to keep your team involved in their work, enthusiastic and committed, willing to go the extra mile to obtain the best possible results is one of the most valuable employer branding advantages you can hope for.

Especially in the IT industry, there is growing concern about finding and keeping the best talent to ensure the success of your projects. In this “war” for talent, leaders must focus on strengthening their organizations’ employer brands. This means it`s time to stop branding for appeal and start branding for influence. The culture, the environment, the organization’s commitment to its employees, it`s all connected to this goal.

Engaging employees

Most CEOs see the big picture and have a clear view of where the company will be in the next 5 years. Unfortunately, transferring the same enthusiasm to the team is not that easy. Although people are qualified and hardworking, many times they just don’t really seem that engaged in what happens to the company. To engage your employees, you can try some simple steps to be transparent and to communicate better so employees remain interested in the company.

Make your employees feel part of your business

The biggest performance comes when people are emotionally engaged. Be transparent and let your staff get familiar with what’s going on in other departments. If you give them a chance to suggest ideas, they`re likelier to perform at a higher level. Managers that treat employees with respect are more likely to build strong and longtime relationships. This also means to constantly ask your employees for feedback, what’s working and what’s not.

Employee incentives

Motivating employees is a simple way to help achieve your business’s goals. When related to performance, an incentive program can boost performance. A mix of cash and non-cash incentives is an effective way to obtain the desired result. One of the most popular incentives are bonuses for exceeding goals, but prizes and awards are also a great way to reward performance. To avoid miscommunication, it`s advisable to build performance incentives so your team knows what to expect.

Keep Up With the Times

Once you develop a successful retention strategy, it’s natural to want to refer back to it every time. But in order to improve your employee experience, you need to become an agile business. Otherwise, you might get left behind by your team. Improving your company’s culture and employer value proposition requires continuous feedback from your team, considering new benefits and updating your communication strategy.

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