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The Cluj Napoca IT community is a continuous growing environment which attracts new companies to invest and find bright talents. As we are a Romanian company and part of this environment where students and talented professionals grow, we care to share what it is that feeling of being in love with programming.

We have prepared a list of things that keep our fellows engaged and motivated, in order to see how the projects or the work atmosphere is folding over their needs.

Meet some Axon Soft team members in a small interview, regarding their challenges at work:

Ionel – Team Lead

I have worked on this project since from the beginning and over the years I have learned new things and I have constantly grown professionally. I started as a developer and now I’m a team leader. The process of being part of the project development kept me going through its lifecycle, from prototype to an application used across the globe.

Maria – Software Developer

Understanding how the clients want their specifications done and also how the final users of the application expect it to be is a matter of good communication. It is challenging to come across this needs, to resolve them and then to see a happy user.

Georgiana – Software Developer

I love coding and there’s a lot to learn and do in the project I’m working. That is what it keeps me challenged: the unknown situations and all the new things that I discovered in order to solve them.

Mihai – Software Developer

The project is definitely what keeps me challenged. As complex as the application is, I always learn and discover new things together with the team.

Alexandra  – Software Developer

The company culture is diverse and the fact that we work as a remote team is pretty challenging for me. Learning how to better communicate and how to increase the quality of the work is important to me.

Alexandru – Software Developer

Having the opportunity to change my working environment and face the interaction with other technologies was a beneficial and provocative thing to do. I like how all the team members are hardworking and devoted to the project.

We are trying to find out what kind of challenges keep you focused and engaged at your workspace.

Leave a comment and share with us the secret formula that keeps you in a positive atmosphere at work!

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