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The managers who are in charge of hiring experienced programmers, know that the new employees need to be motivated in order to integrate and remain engaged in their day-to-day work. Thus, the process by which you have to assure the comfort and the necessary benefits becomes challenging.

While in the business environment of IT industry the earnings are higher than in other fields, today’s programmers have different needs and wishes. During the recruitment interviews we have lately held, we found that programmers with a certain work experience level are looking for new perks, such as:

Positive culture and good management

A pleasant and inspiring work environment has a positive impact on employees. Recreation rooms or a lightweight outfit can encourage the employee to be relaxed and become more proactive and productive at work. The culture of the company is the image that they show outward to their friends. At the same time, the project management and the people management share many of the same necessary skills and it has to be excellent, in order for the employees to be engaged with their company. In an IT company could be found similar skills in the managers’ successful plan: independent thinking, quality software, the ability to make decisions, facilitating communication between the client and the team and so on.

Remote work and flexible hours

A benefit that is more and more common in large companies in Romania is the possibility to work remotely and now it is a demand in job interviews. If the project and the customer location allow work from home, programmers will choose this. Regarding flexibility, it also should appear in work because being creative and relaxed could bring brilliant solutions and time-saving.

A successful project for a successful team

A good team stands out through excellent communication, compliance with deadlines and collective work. The chance to work in such a team increases a programmer’s interest in the company. In a successful team, the specific skills members hold and their different personalities are considered as key strengths. Successful projects can be measured by satisfied customers, proper software applications that develop over time and have a real impact on the market, but also the level of experience that the team acquires. In other words, a programmer really gets involved when his work in the project has a visible impact.

Challenges and contribution to a project

If there are no challenges, any programmer risks losing interest and cannot contribute with new ideas and strategies. At a certain level, programmers are looking for challenges in a natural way in order to acquire expertise and grow their careers. As long as the team’s efforts push the company forward, it is absolutely necessary for employees to feel appreciated. Other challenges that keep the employee motivated are new technologies or the presence and attendance in conferences, as well as an international working environment.

These benefits are clear examples that Romanian programmers begin to have a different view of a company’s success. It is a “win-win” process that allows the employees to develop their skills, to bring value to the team and later to be part of the business success.

These are some of the benefits that are considered at least as important as money. What other aspects do you take into consideration for your career-life balance?

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