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Software applications do not just happen. They are developed in a systematical manner of dividing the process of development into specific phases through the collaboration of tech team members. As well as this, teams do not just happen. They are built over time and are the result of hard work and an inspiring leadership.

Of course, every team member has an individual set of skills, but working in teams is a significant part of our experience. So, here are some reasons why we love working together that  we would like to share:

New things to learn

We always have something to learn from our colleagues. It might be how to use a new tool, to solve a certain problem, to visualize the activities in a series of steps or it could be a soft skill that we would like to develop. These points are a great way to become better professionals and human beings.

Sharing the same goal

A team doesn’t work efficiently if all the members don’t work to move in the same direction in order to achieve the same result. Having a clear plan and performance targets provides us a clear way to measure the success of our work and our organization.

Creating real impact

Working together, we get to experience a real connection to our mission and only together we can achieve a greater outcome than by our own. The satisfaction of our work comes from the fact that the final result has a great impact on other businesses’  improvement.

Having fun

Let’s face it. Work is a serious part of our lives. With all the time and energy we spend at the office, if we wouldn’t have a little fun from time to time, wouldn’t be that sad? Since we spend time together, we like to make more enjoyable the things we get done daily.

Therefore, in the spirit of teamwork, we asked some members of our teams to share their opinions. We asked them why they  love working on a team and this is what we found out:


Name: Bogdan

Function: Junior Software Developer

“What I like the most about teamwork is that we learn from each other and this ensures our continuous professional development.”


Name: Calin

Function: QA Engineer

“I’ve always liked being surrounded by people. That’s why I prefer to work in teams rather than on my own. I think teamwork is much more productive. Each member has a well-defined role and if the team is led by a great leader, the success of the project is ensured.

Within the team, members can consult each other, share ideas and they can even have brainstorming sessions in order to find the best-suited solution for a certain task. Also, I believe this is the best way to learn and improve your knowledge in a faster way.”


Name: Cristina

Function: Mid Software Developer

What I like about teamwork is that the exchange of ideas and knowledge that takes place among team members. On the other hand, it takes courage to expose your ideas to others, but at the same time, the other members give you the support and the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. And last but not least, the joy of success is felt more intense in the team than by yourself.”


Name: Beatrice

Function: Senior Software Developer

“Teamwork helps us learn new things, meet new people and share ideas. I like teamwork because I enjoy socializing, share my opinions and self-evaluate. Also, I like the feeling when I’m offering a helping hand and for me, teamwork means, first of all, a common goal, respect and balance.”


Do you think the above-mentioned aspects define you? Do you want to find out more about our team? To see how you can become one of us, take a look at our openings!

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