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Anca Vescan, our CEO, spoke about our company, our values, and the way we cope with the Pandemic crisis with the reporters from Career&Business magazine. It was a nice, pleasant talk about how AXON Soft was founded, about our mission, and the importance of partnerships in software development. Not at least, she spoke about the importance of a strong team that’s always up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies.

As a sneak peek, we reveal two questions that are asked very often nowadays.

C&B: It is a very dynamic and constantly evolving industry. How do you cope with it?

Anca Vescan: “As I said earlier, I believe in excellence. My vision has not changed from this point of view. Both personally and professionally, I have always chosen to do everything in my power to exceed expectations.

I have always encouraged my colleagues to stay up to date with the latest trends, while freedom of speech has always been at the forefront of our company. We believe in the power of initiative, and this is exactly the prototype of the people of AXON Soft. Our vision is to exceed expectations, and my team shares the same core values, which pushes us all to do more and better every day”.

C&B: How did the Pandemic Crisis influence your activity?

Anca Vescan: “Professionally speaking, we’ve matured a lot in the over 22 years, and the challenges related to communication or trust issues were overcome many years ago. Our long-term partnerships are a source of pride and, also, they are the reason why we were not severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are facing a transition period, and a change in the business paradigm has already begun. We anticipate what the market will look like in the coming years and we began to take measures in order to adapt to the new conditions. I’m convinced that this pandemic crisis will have economic effects, but unlike the economic crisis of 2008, we now have a different and better experience.

On the other hand, the whole team works remotely, and we lack daily interaction. We hope to return to new normality as soon as possible, and until then we use the online platforms to see each other, to interact as much as possible, and to do our best to remain a close-knit team”. Read more about tips given for those who are just starting out and the business environment here.

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