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In a business environment best described as agile, we frequently face some questions that help us stay one step ahead – what does it take to move up in the company and what abilities should juniors that desire to become executives focus on developing? At AXON Soft, the answer has its roots in the values that must be shared by everyone, but it also consists of a mix between several types of technical skills, functional expertise and a strong understanding of our business strategy.

Communicating the values and strategy of our company, dealing with daily challenges or finding ways to stimulate engagement is just the basic set of assets that we need from our leaders. The increased complexity of our projects is evidence of a strong, mature company and we are very happy to be able to develop them. But this means that we count on our leaders to be part of the business strategy, to offer their insights and to contribute to key decisions that are taken within AXON Soft. Our colleagues have different types of leadership, they have different skills and ways to handle things, but the one thing they have in common is the willingness to adapt and to learn.\

Mastering relationships

Building a team from the ground up, and knowing precisely the goals that need to be reached seems simple, but quite often the solutions are not as effective as planned. Understanding what you want from the project, being able to work agile and to have the courage to take radical measures are some of the first things a leader must consider towards mastering a successful team.

For a leader is crucial to know how to connect with people at all levels in the organisation. And this is valid through the good times, and especially the bad ones. To assure this, we organise regular communication training to be better at offering and receiving feedback, in telling what’s on our mind without offending others and in improving our opportunity to grow.

Empowering people of AXON Soft

From our perspective, leaders must share their vision with the team and be able to direct the efforts and dedication of the entire team towards a common goal. Our leaders need to motivate their coworkers to make sure that people use their energy and professional potential to achieve the goal. Nevertheless, each member of the team has the support of their leader. Our people are encouraged to have a one-to-one meeting with their leaders and to speak their minds. When people express their true vision, we believe that the whole company evolves. We accept approaching a problem in different ways and appreciate a new perspective. In this way, we know that we have the right people on the right problem at the right time.

Level up at AXON Soft

When it comes to growing new leaders, AXON Soft has a down to earth approach. Our strategy is to invest in people that proved integrity and credibility. We see the potential in our employees and we start to involve them, step by step, in projects that force them to think and act out of their comfort zone. After a couple of internal projects and some soft skills training, we see them in action and guide them in the project management zone to make sure that they manage projects and teams better each day.

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