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The generations that make up the workforce of the future have grown up with technology at their fingertips. They are comfortable with it and expect access to it in their personal or professional everyday life.

Reading on Forbes I found some interesting information about the Digital Enterprise of the future and Video Content Management. Everything that gives us the opportunity to work in a more efficient manner it is welcome and deserves attention because it means evolution.

The Digital Enterprise

In order to make strides toward Digital Enterprise of the future, it is important to understand the need to create new and innovative ways to interact with customers significantly, to attract and maintain their interest for your business. I noticed that many companies are now focusing on digital investments, sales, and marketing. Digital technologies reduce costs by replacing the intensive activity with sustained activity or through full automation business process.

Creating a Digital Enterprise offers a great competitive advantage. It enables to extensively use of the web, social media, mobile and cloud technologies for creating new ways to operate in business and new methods for products and services delivery. Transforming your company into a Digital Enterprise also offers the possibility of using different methods to anticipate tomorrow’s needs of customers and provide new insights. Doing so, a company can become an intuitive system that creates a good connection between customers, employees, suppliers and this is not the only advantage.

More and more companies increasingly use video for marketing strategies but also for integration with communication systems. The use of video in the workplace will be a must. This can help marketers in sales, B2B as well as B2C, but also in the modality of communication with customers regardless of location. Companies are now able to manage a large number of video files which are stored and shared on their networks using video content management system (VCMS). A video content management system is a software that enables an organization to centralize, manage and deliver video online. VCMS provides a repository for video content in which video files are uploaded to the system and made accessible to people via a link. Think that in a Digital Enterprise the VCMS is just a small part of digital services and offers advantages like effective communication, good marketing tool, and a good training tool.

A Digital Enterprise may include many other technology services. Those services can be implemented and subsequently will help with various business processes and promotions. It is important for every company that wants to turn into a Digital Enterprise to find services that will provide a major help and take advantage of them.

Do you think a company’s transformation into a Digital Enterprise and the use of Video Content Management will help in the business process and will make better customer relationship?

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