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Attracting and retaining the best employees are key elements of a successful business. At AXON Soft we consider that talent is one of the biggest differentiators and we are proud of our teams’ performance. We are always welcoming new talented people to our team and our HR department has a strategic function to attract and retain top-notch professionals.

One of the most important lessons we`ve learned during the last years is that we need to be flexible in order to recruit and retain tech talent. Competitive salary and benefits are no longer key elements. Meanwhile, workplace flexibility became a must-have in the tech industry.

It’s time to upgrade your strategy

Just from the beginning, at AXON Soft the workplace flexibility doesn`t mean less work. It means respecting people`s lives and understanding that sometimes they need to resolve personal issues in order to be more efficient. Helping our people integrate work and life it`s our way to respond to the lack of time in a modern society. And to make sure that we succeed, we are constantly working on finding new and better ways to respond to our team needs, as well as to our clients and the company’s needs.

A healthy balance between remote and flexible word

Nowadays, the overwhelming number of tasks is a common problem for most employees. To help people accelerate their effectiveness and reach full productivity it helps to offer the possibility to work remote. But this type of program has its downside since people miss a lot of informal conversations about important issues. They don`t always know how their peers feel about their work. This is why we believe that a mixed schedule is, for now, the right way to respond to our team needs.

Find new ways to increase productivity

In 2018, employees continue to mention as key elements in the employer value proposition the professional training and development opportunities. As we`ve mentioned it before, every company who invests in employee development shows professionalism in meeting business goals. Training and development opportunities lead to increased efficiency and a positive bond between your team and your company. Moreover, to keep your team motivated you should keep in mind that it`s important to offer people an inspiring purpose and a friendly work environment.

Nevertheless, most people are motivated by knowing they’re doing a good job, so don`t forget to offer feedback. From our experience, it helps to measure productivity. But even more important is to create more results-oriented measures and get insights into how to improve it.

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