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Outsourcing has been a frequently debated subject over the years in IT business world. Until 2015 there was a good and positive feedback about why outsourcing can ensure the growth of your business. For instance, you can launch faster a product on the market, using the latest technologies.

We consider that one of the most important key factors when outsourcing is COMMUNICATION. There should be a communication process between any two teams that do not share the same office. Whatever it is your role in the project lifecycle you should be very careful in case of any communication problems.

Here are some important aspects you should consider when outsourcing:


This should not be a general worry among IT staff.  English is the most common language in IT sphere and used as the second language in the world. What makes it a worry is the dialect. Accents can bring a lack of understanding between people and this to happen when new terms are hard to pronounce. Misunderstandings can lead to mistakes that can take time for teams to resolve them. Managers should encourage language courses and training for both teams.

Culture differences

In business is expected a certain behavior, but you cannot influence the cultural understanding. Here are some good examples: a gesture that could mean two different things, a raised voice that can mean a fight over an argument or an exciting conversation. Silence indicates comprehension, but in other parts of the world, it can mean the opposite. The solution can be aspect number 3. Make the teams meet more frequently!

Team buildings

Meeting another member of the team can create a personal relation. After the teams meet, every colleague can identify a voice with a face more easily and understands the person’s behavior. This brings the relationship to another level. Because of the cultural differences and the lack of trust, it is important to have periodic gatherings not only virtual meetings.

Encourage weekly meetings

Try to have at least one weekly virtual meeting with all the members from both teams. Use every type of communication – Skype, video conference, calls etc. During these meetings, the team members should ask for every answer they need in order to understand the requirements. They should be honest whether they’ve done something wrong and they should be able to tell to the rest of the colleagues if they’ve noticed any problems. This attitude will result in an improved quality of the work that will ensure projects success.


To create a team spirit, try to start a good relationship with the other colleagues. It is not possible to anticipate all the problems or questions that will appear in a project. If there is something that you manage to see forward, you should be able to avert this issue and offer possible solutions. Being innovative and responsive within every matter of the project means involvement and commitment. This truly represents a real added value to the business.

Insufficient communication can create problems that will lead to a loss of precious time. When outsourcing you have to keep things under control. We predict a great future of outsourcing if those aspects above are going to be fulfilled. Establish your goals and give outsourcing a try!

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