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Nowadays, there is a Chrome extension for pretty much anything a software developer might need. We asked our teams about the ones they find most helpful in their everyday life and we compiled a top 10 useful Chrome extensions for developers.

Also, we added a few more we really liked and happy to share them in this blog post. The list below is meant to make your work as well as your life easier when surfing the web. Hope this helps! Let’s dive in:

  • breaks down any YouTube video into headings and bullet points, using AI
  • saves time by summarizing long format videos on YouTube
  • cleans your browser cache-trash-cookies, all in one click
  • also makes Chrome run faster
  • you decide what to keep and what to delete: application cache, cached images and files, cookies, download history, website file systems, autofill form data, browsing history, indexedDB data, local storage data, plugin data, saved passwords, web SQL data
  • records your screen and/or webcam
  • excellent for short explainer videos to share with anybody. It’s free for recordings under 5 minutes.
  • show how-to and record it in one click. Send the link. That’s it
  • makes sharing a specific part of a website easy
  • you can highlight any text, click the extension, and a link to that exact fragment is copied to your clipboard
  • you can also copy rich links (if you activate this feature available in options)
  • pick any color from a webpage and get the HEXA code
  • converts articles, PDFs, emails, or any text into audio
  • narrated by a realistic AI voice
  • available for English
  • too many open tabs slow your computer down. This extension automatically closes them (or suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs). It also saves memory on your device, not to mention also battery and heat.
  • if you use a Gmail address, you can attach a pixel to your emails and track opens. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty acurate.
  • bookmark manager, very easy to use
  • saves time for organizing webpages. Just like it says: “Save anything from the web”
  • use it to change how your browser looks to make it your own
  • add to-do lists or photos or notes to help you organize your day. A dashboard for your thoughts.
  • a Front End Developer’s best friend, this Chrome extension outlines all elements in the dom
  • it’s easier to work in html when alignment and spacing are clearly visible
  • goes without saying, this is one “evergreen” extension for Chrome
  • blocks ads on any page so you can surf the web without unsolicited distractions
  • alternative to AdBlock
  • reskins any web page so you can rest your eyes while browsing
  • very useful when testing web pages because it allows you to create, edit or delete cookies
  • you can also use it to manage browsing preferences because your personal privacy is important

Which ones did you find most useful? What other gemstones you know that can help a software developer in daily life?

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