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Agile methodology, our way to connect everything, everywhere

At AXON Soft, delivering products that correspond to the highest standards of the industry it`s a must. To ensure the quality of the services, our team is using the agile methodology. After years of using it, we can definitely say that it helps us to deliver better products in a faster manner.

For our teams, agile methodology means working smarter, not harder. We have self-organised teams that are continuously providing better results for our customers. While maintaining a constant interaction with our customers, we upgrade roles and, in the end, we generate value both to our company, as well as our customers.

What agile means for AXON Soft

According to Forbes magazine, “agile organisations are connecting everyone and everything, everywhere, all the time. They are capable of delivering instant, intimate, frictionless value on a large scale”. We think that this is an accurate description of what we understand through agile methodology. We never provided our customers with the final product and say “this is it, use it”, but we used our know-how and involvement to develop exquisite applications.

As an agile company, we embraced some of the core characteristics of this methodology. First of all, we are eager and determined by delivering value to customers. Our teams share a mindset that working on relatively small tasks and getting continuous feedback from the customer is important for reaching each milestone. Last, but not least important, we encourage a transparent communicational flow and we believe that collaborating towards the common goal is vital for the project’s success.

Benefits of agile methodology

During the last decade, agile proved to boost the development process, while adjusting the issues and defects more quickly and efficiently. From our point of view, the benefits can be briefly reduced to delivering better products in a faster manner. Though agile means less formal and more flexible processes, we consider it to be a perfect fit for us. From our experience, it offers increased flexibility, greater productivity, higher quality and frequency of collaboration and feedback.

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