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Having enough time is a challenge for many IT professionals. It feels like it would be perfect to have extra time to get everything done, especially when there are so many details to be worked out at the eleventh hour. While there’s nothing to do with the number of hours in one day, working smarter seems to be a more efficient solution. So, here are 5 tips regarding time management and how to become more productive at work.

Analyze your time use

Have you ever wondered “On what am I spending too much time?” ? If you feel you are not really sure where the day is going or how this could be improved, a step by step ‘guide’ would be a perfect starting point. Keep tracking every activity and record them on a list or in a more visual way, according to your preferences. After collecting at least one or two weeks of data, analyze how many hours you have been spending on certain tasks and how could your time be optimized. This is the moment when you can notice your habits or some issues.

Minimize multitasking

It’s true that some days we are more productive than other days and we might feel like being up to do multitasking. But working on two or more projects or doing multiple things at the same time is not always efficient. When you are focused on accomplishing one task at once is more likely to be efficiently done. So try to keep multitasking at the minimum as possible.

Delegate when needed

When deadlines are coming and you have to deal with the challenge of completing tasks on time, don’t panic! There might be one of your teammates that could finish a certain task in a timely manner. Everyone on the team has a specific skills set and someone might has dealt with a previous similar task. Working together could make things run smoother, so don’t forget to help back using your defining skills.

Plan your day

When it comes to software development, planning is essential for the project success. Before writing every single line of code, it’s important to take time to think and plan your day. Of course, any interruptions could happen. For instance, any emergency task to complete or a meeting to attend could occur at any time. So, in order to avoid delaying the daily to-do list too much, it’s important to take such situations into account and allocate time for this as well.

Use your dead time

Going to work in a rush hour sounds like a waste of time. While standing in traffic, you can take advantage of dead time. If you are moving by public transportation, you can wisely use your gadgets to read technology news or do some research on how to fix some issues or how to complete the new tasks. But if you prefer moving by your own car, there are lots of audiobooks or tutorials that could be listened while driving.

Those being said, we are always eager to improve our productivity. Thereby, if you know other tips, please leave a comment below and share with us your own time management best practices.

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