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With a great poll of youngsters graduating from Computer Science and Informatics each year, Cluj Napoca is a great place to recruit talents for the IT industry.

After hosting internships at my company, for more than 10 years, I must say that in Romania we really have well prepared and smart students in the technical field. But when it comes to presenting these skills to an employer, for example phrasing their past achievements, youngsters are kind of… lost. Moreover, in our internships, we form teams of students usually guided by an experienced engineer, but that still have to keep their autonomy.

That is why not only when we recruit students, but also when we recruit our staff, we pay a lot of attention to soft skills that will help the teamwork at its best.

Communication. Definitely.

Communication is not about talking a lot, communication is about delivering and receiving a message clearly and asking well-phrased questions. This has an important impact on the IT industry. Starting with the requirements, the tasks, the problems encountered during a project, all these aspects need to be clearly described, because confusion can cause big problems.

Be a team player

So communication is not only about the message, it’s also about the style, about how you say things. In projects, sometimes one will work under pressure, that’s for sure. That is why being empathetic with your colleagues, offering your support and knowing how to give and receive feedback, will just ease the work and help focus on the solution, not on problems.

But still know how to work independently

That means we need somebody who is proactive and knows how to seek and get information right away. A programmer should have his own tricks, a good list of online resources and a good sense of how to use those resources in critical time.

Good understanding of the consumer

One thing young tech enthusiast should keep in mind: programming is for computers, programs are for human beings. That is why, during the interview, we try to find out how the programmer sees his final work, how he envisions the product and what benefits does he or she believe that the product will bring to the final user. This is also a good way to test one’s creativity.

Keep a positive attitude

Focusing on solutions and not on problems will not only ease your way in your career, but also in your life! Positive people will turn challenges into opportunities, and won’t feel overwhelmed. Another thing that I have noticed in people that have a positive attitude is that they are also realistic. They set goals to achieve because they correctly appreciate their value and their capacities. They won’t underestimate themselves and they will always try to give their best in order to be pleased with themselves. A positive thinking is also connected to a good health, good sleep and a great dose of energy, so who wouldn’t like his employees to be like that?

This week we will start the interviews for this summer internship. 8 students will have the opportunity to experience something very close to a real job. Of course, the technical challenge won’t be a piece of cake, but the real challenge will be working in a team.

At the end of the internship, they will have to present their project to all our employees. In order to do that, they will have to talk about the team and also about how they contributed to the project. After that we will decide who will make the next step: get a part-time job!

So dear students and young professionals, try to learn some soft skills too because you are going to need them!

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