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2020 was a tough year for everyone. The coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 2 million lives, fundamentally changed the way we work, do business, or learn. We can resume 2020 to the year that changed everything. People of AXON Soft felt the consequences of the pandemic like the rest of the world, but this is not stopping us to make a list of plans and expect to reshape our normality for a better future.

Since the vast majority of New Year resolutions fail, we’ve decided to wait a couple of days until we asked our colleagues how they imagine the new normality. As expected, all of us missed the small talk from the office, from our jokes to human interaction and even the walks to the office.

“Although we are used to working remotely, it was different, we lacked informal communication. The work environment at the office made us feel that we belong there, that we are a team. It’s much easier to be sociable face to face, but we have adapted to the situation the best that we could”, said Bogdan, one of our software developers.

Even so, returning to the old habits of working will likely no longer be an option. We expect and demand more from a work-life balance, and our management team already consider this since last summer. Now, our colleagues are just confirmed that the strategy responds to their needs.

“In 2020 we discovered that we don’t like extremes. I think we like to be able to find a balance between going to the office and working from home. We can’t replace human interaction, but I don’t think we’ll feel comfortable going back to the office every day”, mentioned Lavinia.

Big plans for people of AXON Soft

Keeping a positive mindset during this pandemic helped us to find a new way of working, studying, and having fun together. So, it’s not a surprise that our colleagues have plans that exceed the “surviving mode” that we see too often. We all hope to regain our freedom, to be able to travel and experience all sorts of adventures. Above this, our personal development continues to be on the top of our list.

“2020 was the year of change, the year of revelation. In 2021 I want to do the things I’m afraid of, I would like to make as many presentations as possible to get rid of this discomfort”, confessed Georgiana.

“I’m just about to start teaching a few classes at the university, so for 2021 my plan is to succeed in offer information in a clear and useful way. I want to complete this project and continue to focus on the bright side of things”, explained Sergiu.


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