AXON Soft provides top consulting services to make sure that our clients have access to the best solutions when facing the continuously-changing IT environments.

We help our clients to:

  • Design customized solutions, based on their business challenges

  • Improve their applications by adopting proper software platforms

  • Plan and implement IT initiatives

Our specific IT consulting services include:

  • Business Process Consulting

    Reduce your business disruptions by defining a good IT strategy. We will help you plan the optimization of your organizational processes, in order for you to reduce time, money and resources assigned for the development of a comprehensive strategy. Work with professionals and you will see real improvements in your operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • IT application portfolio management

    Not sure what types of applications work better for your company? By outsourcing the management of the IT application management portfolio to a team of experienced technical auditors, you will make the fair decisions on which applications should be kept, updated, cancelled or replaced.

  • Customer Support Outsourcing

    Increase your customer loyalty and stay focused on your core business, by outsourcing your customer service operations to a dedicated team. We will identify the best profiles for your team members, ensure they have the needed skills and competences and then establish the goals. Romania has one of the fastest internet connections in Europe, ensuring a good communication flow.

  • Proof-of-concept development

    By developing a partial solution, involving a small number of users, you will be able to see if a system satisfies certain requirements. If you opt for a proof-of–concept development  you will have the chance to test your case, see how systems can be integrated or what configurations are mandatory for your business.  

  • Accelerated solution planning services

    Based on a consistent experience on various markets, we successfully master agile development and understand the need of fast change required by the IT industry. We will be your trustworthy advisor and we will reduce the time to market barriers for your product.