AXON Soft Redevelops Transport and Logistics Planning and Route Optimization Software to Make it More Reliable



Our client is a major specialist who provides software solutions for route optimization and transport planning. Since the beginning, many companies from different industries have installed our client’s software application for solving issues related to transport and logistics domains. This product delivers a set of tailored transport optimization and planning solutions in order to meet the needs of many companies operating in sectors such as services, dairy industry, food industry, retail, and energy.


Using the new IT technologies, the main objective was to implement the new business model in the shortest time possible, allowing our client to strengthen its market position by addressing new types of clients.


The needs of our client consisted of the following aspects:
– Fast development of the new product version, resulting in a more flexible and reliable software
– An extensible application architecture to allow user interaction with different systems


In order to satisfy our client’s needs, with a team of talented specialists, we began to develop the new version of our client’s software. Shortly afterward, the team grew up and the first version of the new product was released. From the moment when users began to use the new version, were discovered new specific needs. Our specialists started to optimize and add new functionalities. Now, the software is highly flexible and complex in order to be used by new different users. To make this possible, the AXON Soft team worked on the following main directions:
– Optimizing transport plans
– Planning transport activities
– Economical management of transport plans
– Monitoring transport plans


Users can now take advantage of the value-added elements of a new software application such as the annual investment cost reduction in the fleet vehicle up to 15% and the annual service drivers time reduction up to 10%
Due to good communication, in just four years, we managed to develop a complex product from scratch that meets current and future users’ needs. Our contribution brought to the new product has a significant impact – the software application has entered the Top 10 global software products dedicated to this market, but we aim to go further and reach world top 3 in 2018.